The realization that there is no need to wait for a change of life, the right person to come, a study or course to be done, the children to grow up, the right situation to come up or anything else is what will bring you to an integral state that will allow life to flow through the point of visibility that we are.

The realization that there is no future happening, no heaven waiting for you but that life is only here and now will allow an open vision, a clear view, an immediate action that will actively participate in the continual eternal manifestation of what Is, what is already part of Isness.

The realization that you are part of this eternal unfolding and expansion of life as you are being, will allow an entering into rest and peace and tranquility eliminating the nonsensical, crazy mind activity that veils truth from being.

The realization that God’s Universal, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, all–encompassing life is high above our mindful desires and conclusions based on personal judgments and seeming appearances, will allow us to enter Oneness, leaving all duality and separation to be dissolved and absorbed in life.

The realization that the purpose of the manifestation of life (tangible realm) is to bring us to life itself, to help us dis-identify with a false mind-created self, that sees separation from God (Its Source), will allow the differences, suffering, reeling to and fro in oblivion and temporality to be transmuted into a determined love expressing being.