Timeless Touch

Ambient acoustic guitar and synth instrumental album suitable for meditation.

Verse 1
Can a broken heart heal in a moment
Can a prisoner know freedom in a day
Can the light of Your Words clear the darkness
And guide the steps along my way

Absolute Surrender
I hear You calling me again, to
Absolute surrender
Could I not heed the Voice within

Verse 2

Can the words “It is Finished” now free me
From echoes of failure in my soul
Let the rest of Your heart overwhelm me
As Oneness cries “separation is no more”

A New Day is dawning
The night will surely pass away
Love is stirring with a cry so clear
Gathering all who’ll give their lives away

Birth of Oneness

Ambient acoustic guitar and synth instrumental album suitable for meditation.

Verse 1
To find You here so close, as You dance among the stars
Your joy fills the universe as Presence holds my Heart
And in the course of time we awaken to Your Life
As it shines throughout creation, an all-consuming light

Though You felt so far away as I walked through broken dreams
Feeling frozen in patterns, yet Your seed forever with me
And freedom came from the Presence inside and just being in You
I say goodbye to weary shadows, of how life seemed to be
Feeling the wonder of a Future Love chose to live thru me

Verse 2
It all started with a touch, Love awakened hidden tears
I had never felt so safe, and I couldn’t find the fear
Feeling how You knew me, in the place where I was found
Restored my love for living, placed my feet on Sacred Ground

Verse 3
Through these days of feeling closer, overtaken by the grace
Now Resting in this Presence, how natural Love’s embrace
And in the darkest of times You’re always there inside
Giving birth to Oneness, we can no longer hide

Verse 1
How did I become this way, so trusting in what I see
I fed my fears with thoughts, keeping-them-alive-in-me
Enduring many trials as Grace watched in the night
Appearing only when I surrendered a vain & pensive fight

Seeing factions in the world, whose viewpoints wouldn’t rhyme
I was searching for timeless answers, but with my thinking mind
As my heart sought for refuge, a surrender came to Life
Learning now, just to let it go, thoughts resting on the Love Inside

Verse 2
The change is arising, as we’re becoming more aware
Of Divine Nature inside, and the Christ Mind we bear
I had measured my life by the symbols the world admires
But only Oneness with God embodied-fulfills the heart’s desire

Verse 3
No-need-to-run from appearances, just see them in the Light
Love’s heart of boundless creation is surging into time
And as the world’s ancient wounds, are crying out to be healed
Cleansing waters of compassion flow as Oneness is revealed

The gentle whisper of a breeze as I gazed into the night
Stars appearing in their splendor taking hold of my eyes
Love caressing the heavens creating It’s work of art
You’ve never been more beautiful, inspiring my dreaming heart

So I lift my eyes to see the majesty of Your hands
A breathtaking wonder, of Your heart unveiled to man
I am awakened by Love’s passion, for the timeless Dance of Life
Hail to the boundless Presence, the Light that forever shines

Words are found so wanting, to recount this sacred time
When the heavens open within us to the mysteries of Divine
Stillness holding It’s children, in such a nurturing embrace
Waiting patiently until young minds remember from whence they came

Our song is a remembrance, of the Nature of the One
Who gave to us Awareness, whereby we recognize our first Love
And embody our purpose in Creation as Heaven rises in the earth
A new awakening is upon us, A new song is being heard

So I’ll remember that gentle whisper of a breeze as I gazed into the night
Stars appearing in their splendor taking hold of my eyes
Love caressing the heavens creating It’s work of art
You’ve never been more beautiful, inspiring my dreaming heart
You’ve never been more beautiful, inspiring my dreaming heart

Creator & perfecter of My Faith,
I lay down all my trying to change
For what is opening now inside came by the Heavens
And wouldn’t need my help anyway

This movement of the power we call love
The Beating Heart of why we’re here, why we’re here
It’ll never stop, giving Itself away, through living temples
In people like you & me, God’s Nature will be seen

Wanting to draw things to ourselves
Feeling Alone & afraid, hoping for some help
Then rising in our soul, comes this Christ Mind
Let your Life be Love giving from the heart Divine

I’m Letting go of trying to shape my life
Love’s Nature, creation will always follow
To be apart of such a world, where Love has no bounds
Is a dream-come-true healing our tomorrow

This movement of the power we call love
The Beating Heart of why we’re here, why we’re here
It’ll never stop, giving Itself away, through living temples
In people like you & me, God’s Nature will be seen

Light of the World I surrender, breathe in me
Light of the World I surrender, walk in me
Light of the World I surrender, be in me


Experiencing the sacred refuge of Presence

Verse 1
I hear the waves, they’re calling me
A voice so pure, fearless and free
This is my paradise, My shelter by the sea
Your Presence , Your Presence …. it’s home to me

Your Presence is home
Your Presence is home
One, One Wholly One
Your presence is home

Verse 2
These days now, passing like the wind
So long ago it seemed– time would ever end
But in your presence now, endings fade away
And your heart ever shines

Verse 3
Don’t know why I know what it feels like to be loved
It’s like coming back to– where I once was
My heart sings a Song of Songs to the Love I’ve always
Known And I call it home

Verse 1
As I gazed into the night, felt the brilliance of Life
I saw You in the stars, and fell into Your arms
This reflection of Your heart, Love that shines into the dark
In this universe You’ve made, blazing beacons of Grace
I can see you

Verse 2
When I looked into the eyes of a young child nearby
I sensed a timeless Light and felt Presence arise
My heart bowed at the sight, a-future shining so-bright
Those blue eyes looking back at me, smiling from eternity

Ah Creation You are calling
In your Beauty and Expanse/ Expression
God’s love in a Holy Dance / Celebration

Verse 3
Looking at mountains blue, touched with a timeless view
Places so high, where the earth meets the sky
Where the heavens kiss Creation, God’s living habitation
Love’s always there, Love’s everywhere

Ask the lion and the eagle, they will tell you
Cry out to the hills they will show you
In every breath and breeze Your Voice gently speaks
I SEE You I can FEEL You I hear your Name

Verse 1
I ground myself in Your Grace
Turning away from the fear that has shown it’s face
Though the mind is still spinning from the trembling words
In Awareness a new Voice is heard In Awareness a new Voice is heard

I am here in this world, at this moment in time
Embracing this season and the opening of my mind
The Fire in us burns bright The Voice radiant light
So Listen–Be Still–Be true to It’s whisper in you

Verse 2
This world we’ve built is wearing thin
It can’t dance with the changes arising within
In us such longing for Compassion and Peace
That this feels like our reason to be Oh it feels like my reason to be

Verse 3
It’s like stepping off the ship that brought us here
To the promised land within us that’s free of fear
We’re surrendered to a future that embodies Your Grace
In hearts that see the wonder of these days
In hearts that see the wonder of these days

Verse 1
Is this the Sacred Presence
Embracing my heart
Is this the Kiss of Spirit
You’re always ready to impart

Verse 2
I’ve wandered through the pages
Searched the Holy Places
And in All I see the faces
Of the God whose being me

Sweet Surrender,
Your heart is such a treasure
Sweet Surrender,
Your life beyond measure
Your touch is overwhelming
Your presence so endearing
Your Love never ending
I feel all fear disappearing

Verse 3
So it’s really come to this
Your presence is my Bliss
Too inviting to resist
Your relentless Love

Verse 4
So I give in to the Dance
With Love’s Glorious Expanse
For such is this Romance
With Your relentless Love

Verse 1
When I close my eyes, and I look inside
What will I find, in this heart of mine
Here Love’s garden grows, sacred-awareness flows
And-Presence-leads-me-home, where I am not alone

Pre Chorus
And I remember what it feels like to be held
In a love so pure all the hardness in me melts

In Presence I am listening, In Presence I can hear
The song of Creation is playing in me
From the space of nothing, comes the Grace of everything
I surrender to my portion of this destiny

Verse 2
As I rest inside, I feel truth arise
All I need abides, in what Love provides
And Life-holds-my-hand, in a Graceful dance
As Creation’s plan, unfolds-throughout-this-land

Verse 3
Love creates to be, in timeless ecstasy
From the humble seed, to-stars-and-galaxies
Branches in the Vine, Creative by design
You are God’s heart seen, in-both-effort-and-ease

Morning Sun​

Songs for challenging times to ground ourselves in Presence

Verse 1
I feel the drops-of-rain upon my face
My heart has been (longing) for this day
As the dark skies foreshadowed the storm,
I feel the wind and throw open the door
Spirit thunders my soul back to Life,
The change is here and there’s no need to hide

It is Freedom for the heart, a cry heard in the dark
The stars shine in peace, over the perilous seas
Being held in Presence, an anchor for my soul
Just a ribbon of moonlight, is enough to see you home

Verse 2
My mind has been shaken …yet Presence is still
Winds blow through-my-opinions, and wavering will
It really makes you look again, at what you think you know
Through the eyes of I AM The Timeless wisdom flows
So sink deep into your Spirit, the Breath for your soul
For you are One with God forever, eternally whole

Verse 3
Love from a deeper place, is drawing me near
I can feel eternity in what Loves’ creating Here
Every challenge is a blessing, in wise masquerade
When we see our faithful Teacher.. within the disarray
The journey’s a surrender.. to Oneness through the night
God’s Nature flowing in us, becomes the way of Life

Verse 1
The morning sun is rising now
The Spreading dawn awakens the land
Winds of change are blowing everywhere
Time has come to understand

Verse 2
Something deep-inside is shaking
Feels like coming-back to Myself
This cage of the past is breaking open now
The Mind of Presence is where I come to dwell

Your heart’s living as me, (in me, thru me ) freeing me in feeling You

Verse 3
I was looking for a world I’d never seen
But I was only searching with my eyes
Didn’t see that the Dream was emerging in me
Was Waking up to this mystery inside

Verse 4
Yes I believed that the mask was my identity
So I fit right in as a desperate soul
Pounding the Door
Love came reminding me
That In my Nature and Presence you have it all (Repeat)

Verse 1
This world as we have known it, is being unwound
Another day, another seeming reason to look down
But in my heart, a sacred dream is breaking out
Like a fresh wind of change pressing through the clouds

I’ve started, to see the world with new eyes
Hearing something so different inside
Fragrance is in the air like after the storm
I Feel this Presence, taste Your sweetness once more

Verse 2
The chrysalis holding you and I, and the earth
is breaking open now, to a future, a rising new birth
Shadows that seem so threatening in these times
Will vanish in the morning of Oneness, let it rise

Verse 3
And do you feel the Love and power of this Flow
The calling within-us cries-out-to-be known
Our spirit goes before us, aligned within the Light
The Love moving through you shining so bright

Verse 1
Where was I
When Light first appeared from the void
A trillion stars were born
Responding to Your voice
Spirit , the womb of creation bearing the mystery of time
And here I rest
In Your endless Love, Oh just flowing, in Your Breath

I am there-in-Your-design with the stars,
My reason to be, flows from Your heart
Through the melting and surrender, I have seen
Your Love is a light that’s rising in me
Your Love in the stars-shines upon the darkest sea

Verse 2
I Try to understand
Wrap my head around the mystery of this world
But what keeps drawing me
Something I’ve found inside, a priceless Pearl
It’s the Spirit alive in everything yet knows my name
And here I rest,
In Your loving arms, my curiosity, caressed

Is it okay
If I talk to You, even as You’re being me
I’ll try to listen
As I know I should
when my Beloved speaks
I am yearning to understand and I want to know You more
So here I rest,
In your faithfulness, my heart is, an open door

Verse 1
The Flow is rising Wave after Wave
Love’s-surge-is-washing over
Cleansing waters have helped me see A Sacred Destiny

Verse 2
Every blessing and every trial
Affirm the treasures of our soul
Bathed in Love and a mind at ease In Timeless Peace

Born of Love you’re the passion of creation
Born of God you’re an endless sea of Grace
What awaits the world is the rush of healing rivers
From The Source in you that never fades Born of God

Verse 3
Have you ever felt the harmony
With a friend, a song or a starry night
Even in a world that’s been so torn
Oneness will thrive

Verse 4
Love speaks to us in subtle ways
Awareness such a wonder
Feeling the truth that I’m Born of God
Shakes me like thunder

Be Still And Know (Single)​

Acoustic guitar and synth instrumental single with ambient melody and mid-eastern rhythm

Verse 1
Do you sense the fragrance The fragrance of Love
And do you feel this Presence, as gentle as a dove
I’m drawn to remembrance that I am yours and you are mine
This moment of Presence, the taste of this divine

Verse 2
And now do I remember and rest in this embrace
And now do I remember the joy of this grace
And now do I realize I’ve never been alone
My views of separation softly overthrown

And my heart says Be Still and know I am God
Be Still Be Still and know I am God
And my heart says Be Still and know I am God
Be Still Be Still and know I’m God

Verse 3
Do you feel the peace with knowing who you are
This body holds the treasure, God’s nature is in your heart
I am drawn to remembrance-You breathe the Life I’ve called mine
I feel Love’s embrace as Spirit and Soul align

Verse 4
And now do I remember The Spirit lives as Me
And now do I remember What it really means to Be
And now do I realize I could never be alone
My mind’s pre-occupations softly overthrown


Exploring the Present Day Movement of Presence in the World

Verse 1
Bathed in wonder,
a moment lasts forever
held in Love
in a way I can’t forget
Seeming failures of this Life just fall away
and with them go the
Scars of all my unworthiness

In this presence now,
Love lights my way
Out of the prison of the past
built by shame
To where the wondrous is so natural,
I could never be the same
Am I’m worthy to receive it?
Could I ever believe it?
That compassion toward my life
could be the day after the night
To forgive myself
embodies the work of grace

Verse 2
You were formed in a love vast as the ocean
To recognize and shine your inborn light
It’s never left you even for a moment
There in your heart, lives a life divine

Verse 3
You were known before your first breath
Your steps came as no surprise to timelessness
As you learned of life and love, grace never slept
Formed in love’s perfect image, (3X) have you met yourself yet

Verse 1
I was trying to understand
what’s happening inside
for a fearless Love
to guide me through these times
Stillness lead me to Presence
restoring my soul
The One Love-always-with-me,
no matter how dark the road

My attention turns to Presence
with these newly opened eyes
Bathed in this endless universe
Love’s holding us inside
I-couldn’t-be-apart from this Boundless Heart
even for a day
Soaring with sacred purpose,
on the silent winds of Grace

Verse 2
Surrounded, filled-with-Presence
alive in every breath
Seeds of Wonder are growing in
the fragrant soil of rest
Come closer- closer-to-the-One
creating all this change
As the Kiss of God touches your heart
you’ll never be the same

Verse 3
Living aware this moment is free
of echoes from the past
Understanding my history
I won’t let this movie last
Only one thing really matters to me
in light of all I’ve seen
To live deep within the Oneness
the reality behind the dream

Verse 1
I rest in the stillness
of Your embrace
The warmth of this Love
never fades
Letting-go seems
so natural now
Even-as-I lay my burdens down

This precious time
Your heart in mine
and I in Yours
Behold the treasures
beyond all measure
within our soul
Shattered limitations
sacred meditations
set free the gold
Just know you’re loved,
You’re held
You are whole

Verse 2
The Passion’s rising , I can’t explain
The deeper Flow, leading the way
I bow my days to the Source of Life,
Fate freeing my Future, to God’s desire

Verse 3
Soaking in Presence-
my heart melts
What words explain
how it feels to be held
Overwhelmed in wonder feeling God arise
Timeless Being
living through our life

Verse 1
My heart is opening to another world
The radiance of Presence rising up on the earth
My mind at rest feeling Oneness in my soul
Love’s fragrance reminds me, reminds me of Home

And As Your eyes become single You’re whole body’s filled with light
Holding this world we feel it’s pain As it travails on through the night
Living-out a trillion dreams, Love’s Power holds it all
Eyes wide opened I can see This same Love is holding

Verse 2
Seeing through the darkness with boundless Eyes
Hearing the still small voice resounding inside
Awareness arising as a sacred dawn
It’s day to recognize All our hearts are really One

Verse 3
What-on-earth is happening, can I understand why?
We really know so little, voids filled by our mind
But Love draws us within, to a wisdom unknown
Listening deeply in Presence, the path is being shown

Verse 4
We-find-inside-the-One, whose heart bleeds to fulfill
Letting Go and lifting my eyes unto the hills
In this timeless Peace , surrendered to this moment
On Earth , seeing, hearing and revealing Heaven

Versus 1
These moments, I feel the passion of Presence
Held in Love’s timeless sea
Feeling Light pour over me
And from the Stillness, comes a memory
It seems-I-know
the touch of unfading Love
And that I’ve never been alone
Walking through this great unknown
Faithful Grace, has always been my home

Awakening, from the shadow of separation
To live a love, I could have never dreamed
Feel, the calming touch of compassion
As mind and heart align in Spirit’s breeze
Remembering you are home,
Who you are In the warmest of Hearts

Versus 2
In Presence, I forget-to-remember-fear
And realities I thought I knew
Seem just-so vaguely true
In this rising of Your majestic view
The Teacher inside unveiling my eyes
That we have the Mind of Christ
To be the flow of ascendant Life
A mighty river of healing Light

Stillness Speaks​

Gazing into profound Stillness and what it means to our lives

Verse 1
Do you sense the fragrance The fragrance of Love
And do you feel this Presence, as gentle as a dove
I’m drawn to remembrance that I am yours and you are mine
This moment of Presence, the taste of this divine

Verse 2
And now do I remember and rest in this embrace
And now do I remember the joy of this grace
And now do I realize I’ve never been alone
My views of separation softly overthrown

And my heart says Be Still and know I am God
Be Still Be Still and know I am God
And my heart says Be Still and know I am God
Be Still Be Still and know I’m God

Verse 3
Do you feel the peace with knowing who you are
This body holds the treasure, God’s nature is in your heart
I am drawn to remembrance-You breathe the Life I’ve called mine
I feel Love’s embrace as Spirit and Soul align

Verse 4
And now do I remember The Spirit lives as Me
And now do I remember What it really means to Be
And now do I realize I could never be alone
My mind’s pre-occupations softly overthrown

Verse 1
Can I live this moment being truly as I am
As I look beyond the mirror and seek to understand
Thought I really knew myself, were it not for those times
When a side I’d never seen before stood before my eyes
Now something deep inside whispers – “let go”
Of the fear-filled story of this life and it’s repeating show
Endless rivers through my mind I’m conditioned to believe
But my dreams climb ever higher as the Spirit conceives

I’ll rest my heart in Love alone … let Oneness have It’s way
Ride the waves, of this adventure, and dance this passion play
Free from limitations, We walk unfettered Grace
Let my story go, and Life will flow and Love will kiss our face

Verse 2
Can I accept this divine identity and see you as the same
Through the days we seem alone, when old memories inflame
I feel the words forming in my heart, beloved do not fear
The seed is there, The fruit will bear, True Nature will appear
So I let go of the history, unfinished image that I’ve born
The old man I thought I knew, a little wave upon the shore
Beloved God is being us, so Love expressed is who we are
Made to be healing rivers for a world crying in the dark

Verse 1
Captured by this Presence, escape, where would I go
Love’s strength from deep inside, is bidding me to grow
In this heart such a mystery of life inspired and free
And-from-this-rising-tide, I-cannot-hide, from Love’s power-to-Be

Breathe the fragrance-Touch the timeless in your heart
Taste the wonders of creation and paint it with your art
Heal those afflicted, with eyes that see them whole
Hear-the-words-of-life-given, to heal the wounded soul

Verse 2:
Another life’s emerging, from the one I’ve lived till now
My mind’s sinking deep-into the ONE to which I bow
The times they are changing into what they’ve always been
Yet-as-my-worlds-collide, I’ll turn inside
To-Live-the-Love that shines within

Verse 3:
What keeps me coming back, to yield a little more
Thinking has no answers, a truth I can’t ignore
Surrender every moment to the challenges that come
In the soul that seeks the Stillness speaks,
You’ll know just where that wisdom’s from

Verse 1
I’m falling deep deep into this Presence I’m opening my heart to Love’s Essence
Could I describe this healing Peace As it fills the moments, with timeless ease
In this quiet stillness Spirit asks
Oh surrendered heart will you, accept this dance

Open to the music, of your soul
Let the gentle touch of God lead you across the floor
Dance the passion of Creation, in steps not seen before
Sing your song, dance your dance Alive in mystic romance

Verse 2
I’ve come to embrace the Rhythm, and the Flow
Timeless moments of stillness, and a time to let go
Breath upon the waters- the sound of Holy Wind
Spirit’s river singing a sacred Hymn
Healing Presence is, starting to pour
Love is the Rhythm the ballet is yours

Verse 3
Hidden in the future, the Light of my song
The wisdom of Love’s Voice is like the spreading dawn
Rising from the Silence it bathes the world in Light
How strong Love’s intention to wake us from the night
The weight of the calling, in this time and space
To be the Song of the Future, the Symphony of Grace

Verse 1

Sitting here listening, I feel more than I hear
My soul floods with passion, almost more than I can bear
Words they fall away, as Spirit holds my mind
But love comes into view, as if by design

Verse 2

Abiding here in Presence, my soul knows its Peace
Love breaks the chains of fear, imparting pure release
To know I’m one with Spirit, is to, rest in Love alone
No storm shakes my foundations, for Presence is my Home

Verse 3

Looking at the faces, knowing we are One
I can feel now what unites us, a flood we can’t outrun
The passage, the journey, the way we have not known
The flow of a river, bringing life wherever we go


And in that moment I know, Life lives forever
In that moment, I know, Love draws together
in that moment, my mind, lets go of the shadows
In that moment, I embrace I embrace the Flow

Priceless Treasure​

A flow of Gratitude for the Omni-Present Spirit within us and around us

Verse 1
Looking closely at this story the tale I call my life
Tears marked the pages of this diary of mine
But there’s so much more to this Life, than I’ve ever dared believe
So Gratefulness be my song- as this soul learns to receive

Life my Faithful Teacher, Love eternal friend
Bathes my heart with tender moments, and whispers again
To tell me I am worthy of all I’m called to be
To be Alive in Fearless Love, Born to be free

Verse 2
But I seem to have forgotten who I am, why I came
Such a common place I’d come to know, of heartbreak and shame
This inner world of longing, for what seems beyond my reach
Yet the Love that I’ve been seeking, is taking form in me

Verse 3
In this quiet moment, I feel the Presence- Healing Grace
Soaking in this tenderness,-mind sinks deep into this Space
Here I feel the peace of home, in the arms of Love Divine
Walls are coming down inside I feel alive and in the Light

Endless Love Endless Love
Could I ever imagine that I’m One with Love Divine
Endless Love Endless Love
I wandered distant lands but It was nearer than my sigh

To be Alive-To be Alive, To Be Alive- born to thrive
To be Alive-To be Alive, To be Alive with Fearless Love
To be Alive in Fearless Love, Born To Be Free

Verse 1
I remember times I questioned, would my Life turn out alright
Overwhelmed by circumstance, little strength left for the fight
Then the showers of grace, washed the fear from my mind
I knew in that moment this path had been designed

Deep deep inside, Spirit plays upon my heartstrings
Its’ gentle touch, makes all within me sing
I’m so Grateful I’m so Grateful I’m so Grateful I’m so Grateful
You made me Life to be

Verse 2
God’s Nature is rising in us, we’ve only to recognize
Storms challenge our tender youth, yet our heart will be inspired
Greater things shall you do, than have ever been performed
Your life’s the natural harvest of an identity reborn … and

Chorus 2
I’m so Grateful
I’m so Grateful
I’m so Grateful
I’m so Grateful
You made me Life to be

One Love, One Life, One Presence, I Am,
One Love, One Life, One Presence, You are
One Love, One Life One Presence We All Are, We All Are

Verse 1
In the Light of the Dawn I perceive
A subtle Presence that’s been living here as me
My Heart opens wide and fear begins to fade
Waves of Love so pure immersed in this grace. I AM

Verse 2
Too many days, spent living in this dream
Chasing after Love, illusions of my need
But now the dawn, is spreading through my heart
Peace is my temple, My steps become your art, I AM

Verse 3
How do I live as the One who’s being me?
Aware I Am has the eyes through which I see
From the Stillness Can I watch this scattered mind
Yet move by the Spirit and dance the divine and Shine this

Verse 1
Love is the incense of two that live as One
To love you as myself is to know where we are from
To see who you really are, not the mask you hide behind
Is to look upon the face of God, not the portraits in my mind

Verse 2
Could I ever explain a mother’s Oneness with her child
Or a Father’s thrill to see his sons maturing from the wild
The joy is overwhelming, to see our loved ones find their way
To know God’s Life is living them and they’re held in Love’s pure

Caught up in One Life, Living Love as Me
Drawn to surrender to the knowing I am Free
While I gather the moments that cry out “Oneness lives”
I can feel my heart surrender as Life forever gives

Verse 3
I remember the moment, when I knew I was in love
Oneness became my song, a heart-cry from Above
I breathed in Your tenderness, felt Your kiss upon my face
And heard the Psalm that Oneness sings in Intimate Embrace

Verse 1
I looked for You among the teachers, and searched the sacred words
But a pearl was often missing from the eloquence that I heard
Beyond the story, was a Heart I was so reckless to know
And being drawn into Your Graceful Love has fanned the flames of my soul

Presence, Oh Your Presence, it’s the timeless treasure within my heart
Presence O’ Your Presence You shine the light of your love in every star
To Feel You (2X) in my life has for so long been my soul’s desire
You are the endless field of all Creation, yet here within me as the Mind of Christ
Final: We’re born of God -and God Sustained in an endless God-Universe

Verse 2
My steps were so uncertain walking down a path in the night
A Mountain stood in the way, and I couldn’t hear the voice inside
But in a moment of silence, Presence opened my eyes to the Light
And I knew then that I was not alone whether in the journey or the plight

Verse 3
Since that day the winds of change have been pressing and strong
And while the mountain is still a challenge it won’t silence my song
Every day in Grace scaling the summit while embracing this new mind
That knows the view from the mountaintop, is just so deeply Divine

How Beautiful Your Love

Expressions of the Intimate Love of Oneness

Verse 1
My eyes have just beheld a rising dawn Light’s
eloquent brilliance Love’s will so strong
How much majesty I have missed
the morning miracles I could have lived
But even Now, as the morning Light,
pierces the darkness of this fading night
I ‘m overtaken
How Beautiful Your Love

I hold onto the One whose holding me
Love’s faithfulness is here, silencing the fear
Aware of what’s stirring in my heart and in the world
Dawn of Presence is rising as this new day unfurls
I can feel How Beautiful Your Love

Verse 2

In the thunderous shaking of these times
It’s profoundly clear I must turn inside
It‘s now time to be aware as the truth is-being-laid-bare
Greater-Love knows of our many views
weighed in the balance of Timeless Truth
Within this life
How beautiful Your Love

Verse 3
Lost in Love with the One, I surrender,
Letting my soul be Loved Once again
Forgiving myself of the past-
becomes a wisdom lighting my path
Comes the Rising Dawn rolling through the Nations,
showing all that’s built on
Fear and separation
In all It’s many ways
How beautiful Your Love

Verse 1
God as the endless stream of Love, appears in faithful Grace
From the first breath of a newborn, to the expressions of your face
The dream of health and fruitfulness, God’s desire before your birth
To be manifest in perfect strength, a blessing to the earth

Verse 2
God is Love everywhere, in this Being we live and move
Deep within this warm affection, I can feel my mind renew
Resting in ever-present Grace, the fruits of Love emerge
In the Passion of Presence, heaven appears upon the earth

Verse 3
My heart is so grateful, Grace opened my eyes to see
To be One with You in Timeless Spirit, is really all I need
Your joy, just fills my heart , and I know that we are One
On a journey of wonder down the river of Love

Shall a child not breathe of the warmth that fills the home?
Shall a dove not use its wings In ecstasy to roam?
Embrace your Essence, born of Divine
God’s Goodness taking form, a life of love’s design

Verse 1
The day is here now, Essence is in bloom
We see the changes everywhere, Love’s fragrance fills the room
We’ve suffered through the storms, That broke open the seed
Emerging from the ground of Presence, Understanding changes how I see

The world is changing now, before our very eyes
Storm winds moving nations, what a powerful sight
Ands to know what you’re seeing and where the winds blow
Is to see with Eyes of the Spirit, listen-to-the-One who knows
Change isn’t easy, it’s just like giving birth
But how precious is Love’s vision, of Heaven on Earth

Verse 2
We’re just beginning to perceive , the Grace of this time
Love gathers our awareness, hearts converge and synchronize
Our steps have been ordered, Every trial, the death of “little me”
A Gentle Voice says “Open your eyes” to just how Love’s Eyes see

Verse 3
It’s just amazing to see, as Spirit rises in the earth
It’s like watching a sunrise, a new day is given birth
God’s nature flashing through, you and I were made to shine
In you the Stairway to Heaven glowing through your eyes

Verse 1
I’m finding myself aware of Love that’s all around me
Everywhere I see Your face, and the beauty of Your peace
I embrace this LOVE that bore my soul
Through the worry and the wandering to and fro
You were always there when life seemed so unfair
When I was so worn I couldn’t even feel the thorns
Then Love held me close once more.

It’s so beautiful to feel the Spirit Smile
When surrendered to the moment, resting in the Light
Though this world-in-fear made us feel alone
But Oneness is a friend we’ve come to know
There’s a Love inside that knows where you hide
It’s the One Love that will never Repeat (3X) leave you/r behind/side

Verse 2
I feel Love is opening It’s way In and through me
Through the pain of the past, and numbness I can feel
Will I create a new image someone I think they’ll like
Or recognize the True-Self with-Eyes opened by the Light
God’s embrace I can’t resist, touched by this Holy kiss
What goes on in this land-by-Grace-alone I’ll understand
But to be One with the One is Bliss

Verse 1
Spirit guides me through the dark days
There were times, I’ve questioned why
But I can love without answers
When a hurting world starts to cry
But I’m Grateful for both what I see,
And what’s hidden from my soul
Don’t always see the other side of the River
But I know I am here to flow.

I offer myself to be opened, to Love moving through my soul
To feel You, in this moment makes my heart begin to Flow
I’m awake to this invitation…. could I really close my eyes
To be One with Love’s creation, the Timeless shining into Time

Verse 2
From the stillness, Presence leads me Though the path I cannot see
Through the night, thoughts ,they come and go but my heart will be at ease
Some say I’m just wasting my time, living a mystic fantasy
But I feel this Presence, the Breath of Heaven, The Flow is what I’m here to be

Verse 3
Love is opening It’s seed in us Rising from the broken ground
Numb and alone give way to feeling again What was hidden will be found
Let the dreamers remember the dream Creating Heaven where we go
We are the Fields of an Endless Love We are here to Grow.


Uplifting songs for the Journey

Verse 1
A heartbreak rose up, from the past
My sense of worth slipped, from my grasp
This need for Love it, never fades
But Grace is there like gentle waves

Adventure to the stars, Remember who you are
Surrender and let it go, Rest and let it flow
No need to control, Love restores your soul
Just be still and Know I am God

Verse 2
A helpless feather, in the wind
Life I’d built was, caving in
Had to look for a peaceful space
So I turned inside to my, Secret Place

When life has us running, trying to survive
So easy to forget what a gift to be alive
When my heart beats in rhythm with eternal Love
Fear will not stop me, Struggle will not drop me
Love is the Light that leads me home

Verse 1
It’s been, such a long road, what was vain, had to let it go
Wondered, what I really know I used to be so sure
Walking where the light was dim, down a path I’d never been
You know I wanted-to-try-again To embrace all Love sends
You know I wanted-to-try-again To get it right

I’m gonna let this heart-light shine Bright into the night
I’m gonna let this heart-light shine Bright into the night

Verse 2
Feel the Spirit, on the inside, it’s rising, like a storm tide
Feeling close, to my heart’s Guide, who’ll take me through
Time has come to free my mind, for the shame wouldn’t let me fly
You know Grace supplies it all No need to beg and crawl
You know Grace provides it all We’ll get it right

Verse 3
Love-shakes-you, to-your-ground, Feeling lost until your found
In the place where there is no sound Just Stillness here
Then the words, I need to hear fill my heart with a voice so clear-
The Seed is in the ground, and Your life it will abound
With Love that will astound It’ll be alright

I’m the breath that you breathe, the life that you dream
I-know of your every need and your not bound by what you see
Saw the need before you cried– but look and see your eyes have dried
See reality you cannot buy Love has set you free

Verse 1
When I look at world around me -every soul just trying to survive
Being caught up in this struggle-drains the passion for being alive
Renew my mind gentle Spirit To all my heart knows as true
This Life is changing from inside out in ways we just outgrew

So look again to the Sunrise and know It’s rising in you
Emerging like a new-born eagle, your wings will carry you through

Verse 2
Love-in-your-heart has been there forever, your being, the nature of God
What’s flowing from your living fountain shapes the world we have sought
Some might say you’re a seer, a prophet, healer or saint
But no labels can define you now Love is simple your way

Verse 3
What shall I do with this fire, my heart flaming with desire
Let’s burn down the prison that held my soul shame no longer will confine
Free to, be the one who walks beside you knowing You even as I’m known
Secure in the faithful arms of Love, In the Moment In the Flow

Verse 1
Young man driving, he was singing to the radio,
Life was finally smiling at him as he headed home
For so long he’d struggled, trying to succeed,
Maybe now his Dad would approve and finally see
How he’d tried so hard to make him proud
To not be another soul, lost in the crowd
But to be His Father’s son Not the disappointing one

When I felt the embrace of Your eyes
And knew you’d always seen how hard I tried
If in Your love I hadn’t been so insecure…Id known
That You were never, never ever keeping score
That It was never about what I could do
It was just, being One with You, Just being One with You

Verse 2
As the years went by, his life and love matured
But in his heart deeper questions somehow still endured
His challenge to tradition, and what was called the truth
Would be excused as his condition, of irreverent youth
But Love was relentless and would not be denied
For his questions were the answer for this seeker of the Light
To ask is to follow your Heart’s sense of sight
Inquire of your Spirit and let your soul Ignite

Verse 3
Some days were not easy, old memories die so hard
Times he felt forsaken and it was tough to disregard
But he had learned to challenge the things he’d been told
And it served him well as his own inner story would unfold
To hear his mind replay the same old tired tune
Then to see Himself as Awareness, not an ego to secure
Forever cast aside the need to prove worthy of Love
Accept the grace of being family, One with your Heart’s true-love

When I felt the embrace of Your eyes
And knew you’d always seen how hard I tried
If in Your love I hadn’t been so insecure…Id known
That You were never, never ever keeping score
That It was never about what I could do
It was just, being One with You, Just being One with You

Verse 1
Walking down a moonlit path surrounded by this Presence
Not sure where the time had gone in this is fragrance of heaven
Oneness more than a word now it’s become my peaceful Home
This familiar life is giving sway to the Graceful unknown

Surrounded oh surrendered into this endless Love
A Voice flows from our heart-now, as a fiery flood
Not pleading for a cure but recognizing it’s already-done
Our eyes becoming single, in the Presence of the One

Verse 2
This new day is crying out to any who will hear
Attentions being gathered as Stillness draws us near
This new way of seeing-our-world is with an inner eye
Beholding an eternity my heart can’t help but smile

Verse 3
Our souls are arising-now to a Life we can feel
Aligning with the Truth inside I know I am healed
This Presence is replaying I’m restoring your soul”
So resting in this Stillness this brokenness made whole