About Michael Gotta

The connection between music and Divine Presence has been with me since I was a child. Later, these intense emotional experiences grew into a strong desire to explore the dynamics of sacred music upon the becoming and belonging processes in our lives.

What I found, and what is expressed in the music and meditations on this site, is the realization that, while we are born in the image and likeness of the Divine, God, we live much of our life in our analytical mind and cultural conditioning. Sacred music and meditation is a gift which allows us to sink our busy minds into our core consciousness and there, experience the mind becoming One with our Eternal Being.

The term Oneness is used to shed light on the sacred truth that we are already One with the Divine and are becoming conscious of that reality. This recognition opens the doors to the power of Divine alignment in our lives as we invite the consciousness of Oneness in our world.

Giving ourselves into the Presence causes Body, Soul and Spirit to become coherent, allowing peace, wisdom, abundance and health to flow naturally as we absorb the power of the Divine and let it flow through us.

We are awakening to the Timeless Principle of Oneness which invites us to move in harmony with it. That is wellness, wholeness and eternal life. Loving Intelligence and Intelligent Love is here with us, NOW …not just for some distant Promised Land.…it is Oneness in Presence.